In 1937, Anslinger was a witness before congress declaring “Marijuana has been the main violent creating drug that has ever been used in the history of MANKIND.” weed delivery

Really! I am able to quickly confirm by saying that this is an incredible line of crappy Nonsense that I have previously heard. Although I have had many negative personal experiences in my life, I always revolved around ALCOHOL however, I did not drink alcohol myself. I’ve also witnessed many horrible situations and have been in some of the most difficult situations, too.

I won’t go into detail about anything as it’s useless and won’t help anyone. I have always said that the things that do not make us stronger. The process takes some time overcome certain situations, but we can eat it up and continue forward. weed delivery ottawa

The only problem we face in this case is that hemp or cannabis is not legalized and it could be, for a myriad of reasons!

The only criminals I have heard of are connected to ALCOHOL or prescription drugs, and any other activity that requires large sums of money! local weed delivery

As a teenager, with a friend, we were at the house of her boyfriend and he was smoking Cannabis/Hemp within a couple of minutes of arriving, the men entered with guns. We froze and froze, but we were able to escape. The entire incident that I have just described to you all was about money! The cannabis was not the thing that drove them insane and made them would want to commit a crime it was the money.

They are not any different from the huge heads that feed you the “LEGAL” drugs, does it? No, if Cannabis were legalized, we’d be much more secure today.

Children, parents, and siblings are murdered every day, but they are not killed by Cannabis or Alcohol. There are rape, beatings Murder, Beatings and Suicides every day, not due to Cannabis but from Alcohol!

There are many things that are kept secret, or you may not think about it, and that’s okay I’m here to say right now that I’m not a cannabis smoker, but what I know for sure is that that Cannabis and Hemp is a healing agent for all of us and can be utilized for a variety of things.