In this era of digital communications, you may believe it’s unnecessary to print a brochure. In reality, it’s simple to upload an online brochure in PDF format on your website, which customers download and print. This saves time, energy and headache. It’s also cheaper than getting it printed. Car magnets ottawa

But, restricting your self in this manner can be a big business error.

Imagine the sales process for an expensive brand

Imagine a luxury car brand like BMW and Mercedes. You’re keen to purchase one of their cars and visit the local showroom to look at the stunning machines. You look at them as an agent explains all the wonderful features. You could even take the test drive to test the car. But, they’re costly, and you’re deciding to take a look. What after that?

And the salesman will slam copies of the stunningly created brochures in your hands. Each of them will make the car look stunning. The brochures will be smooth and impressive , to match the high-end of the car’s itself. Therefore, you’ll be leaving with a tangible object that will remind you of the car or the test drive, as well as the salesperson. The link will take you back to your experience as well as an ongoing reminder of the experience.

You’ll be back.

Imagine your businesses sales process retractable banner

Imagine your company selling products or services. You are in a meeting with a potential customer and you go over everything you could accomplish. The best quality service for a reasonable price. However, the customer would like to see your competition before making a decision. What next?

When you think about your visit to the car dealership, you realize that you must give them brochure. Without something tangible, they don’t have something to anchor the experience, but as an experienced business professional, you are aware of this and have created a brochure. You decide to print the brochure using a Black and White laser printer using the PDF the designer created. The paper is of poor quality and all the gorgeous details are lost in the layout. The paper is a mess of pages that appear unprofessional , and your customer walks away with a pile of papers. screen printing

A few weeks later, the prospect sifts through your brochure as well as your competition before making a the final choice, perhaps with their boss who did not take part in the discussion. Your enthusiasm for your pitch has faded from their minds, and they choose winners heavily affected the quality of the brochure. Your pile of papers do your no favors and the judge gives the job to an opponent with an improved brochure.

You were unable to win the game.

Brochure printing is a must for businesses that operate online

Imagine that you have a website to market all of your services and products, as well as to market widgets. Perhaps you think it’s unnecessary to have a brochure since people find you on the internet. That means that all the required information is found on your website, therefore there is no need for brochures to explain what they are looking for.

But it’s wrong!

A lot of the top online businesses will provide an printed brochure of their products or services that clients can ask for.

This is a great way to benefit from the following:

  • The prospect gets their contact information when they request for the brochure . This way you can reach them even if they do not choose to use you for this particular occasion.
  • The brochure is yours to control the contents of the brochure and you can make it available to market anything you like to the customer, such as related items and services.
  • It distinguishes you from other competitors that don’t provide an informational brochure.
  • It allows you to showcase the quality of your services by handling the request swiftly and efficiently
  • It begins a process of dialog between you and your prospective client
  • It demonstrates that you are a genuine business and not a website that is merely a faceless entity.
  • You can determine the quality of your brochure, and consequently the manner your brand’s name is perceived

In the end it is more sensible to create a brochure for an online-only website.

Therefore, every business must have a brochure printed?

Absolutely, every business needs to be well-designed for sales materials like brochures. There is no need to be as fancy and glossy as the premium brand of a car but you need to include something that represents your company’s image.

It is not necessary to have a 20-page brochure with many bells and whistles, but it must be well-designed and printed on the right paper to meet the needs of your customers. For instance, a premium brand requires a more expensive brochure, while a value brand might opt for a smaller, more affordable paper stock that reflects the values of the brand, such as affordable.