Glass Brick Tiles have been traditionally seen in kitchen backsplashes and bathroom showers. The tiles have been around for years but never have they been so on-trend. Homeowners everywhere are starting to incorporate glass tiles into their homes and they are doing this in fun, new ways in every room and space of the house.

If you are considering using glass tiles there is one important piece of advice from the outset. Simply, don’t be afraid to think big (or small) and really get creative with colour and placement. If you feel confident about something and how the final execution of your tiles will look, then go for it!

What I am seeing in the use of glass wall tiles is that they can be used flexibly and imaginatively from fireplace surrounds to entire feature walls. People are also tending to use either single splashes of colour or mixes of tiles to add glossy light to rooms.

With such a vast array of tiles available to the average buyer, there is such choice. The final decision can almost seem quite daunting, but it you must always look on the positive side as there are now unlimited options in glass tile designs, from rectangular tiles to brick tiles and sparkle-effect mosaics, all in a variety of sizes.

Many people are using glass tile to dress up a fireplace or on a feature wall in a living room. Sometimes tiles can be used as the back drop to shelving, so you get an almost hidden glimpse of texture and style for a more muted look. You might also add colourful glass tile borders to accent or highlight a hallway nook, for example. Or instead of a wallpaper border, you might decide to use glass tile to frame the room.

The options really are endless and you only need to think creatively to begin to see the options to make a splash or create a more subtle look with tiles in your home.

So why not take time during the New Year to think about how you might spruce up your home or that tired, old room you’ve always wanted to decorate. And imagine how wall tiles might add to your vision for that space or room. It’s time to get creative and unleash exciting, on-trend wall tiles on your home this year. Have fun with your creations and just got for it!