If you love having a motorcycle no matter if it’s a road bicycle, Harley Hog, or dirt bike it’s in your best interests to offer a robust outdoor protection against bad weather and other dangers. Many motorcycle owners do not have the luxury of having a garage where they can store their bikes during winter, rain or extreme heat days. Motorstof  If they do have a garage, usually cars or trucks are considered the most important in terms of shelter. To ensure that your bike is in good condition, consider the use of a poly tarp biker’s pocket or bag to shield it from extreme UV sunlight as well as wind and snow.

Due to the nature of motorcycles, it places the bike vulnerable to adverse weather conditions. Due to exposed engines, pipes, and gauges, a motorcycle could be easily damaged by powerful winds, heavy rain snow, and other hazards in the outdoors. Motorstof.nl  Rain is by far the most prevalent risk, so to keep your bike protected, cover the bike in the evening or during the day with a sturdy poly tarp, an outdoor portable garage, or vehicle port.

Based on your budget, There are many alternatives to protect your motorcycle from the rain. The most cost-effective option is a poly tarp. Made from top quality polyethylene fabric, commercial-grade poly tarp could protect motorcycles when the storm hits. But, they are ideal for temporary shelters and shouldn’t be used to ensure the safety of a motorbike throughout an extended winter or rainy period.

A better choice to store your bike for the long term is a mobile garage, or carport. It is more robust than a tarp cover and made of heavy-duty tubes of steel and aluminum, an outdoor carport or shed is the best to store winter gear or to protect your motorcycle from the seasonal rain as well as intense UV light in summer. They are available in a range of shapes and sizes, carports and outdoor garages provide long-term security for motorbikes and protect your motorcycle from weather hazards like hail, wind and snow.