Nowadays, many companies regularly contract penetration testing services provided by specialist companies or consultants. It is considered to be just one element of an organisation’s overall security and information security plan that includes security for network and computer systems. “Pen testing” or “pen testing,” as it’s known, is the systematic effort to break the defenses of a company’s networks and computers as well as to attack the security of software that is that are hosted on servers of a company. The security weaknesses that are discovered are reported in a report and corrective measures are suggested. SOC

Because penetration testing has the potential of causing damage to the company’s networks and systems or even disrupt business processes, it’s crucial to be aware of what to look for when choosing the Cyber Security “pen testing” service provider. Different computer security tests are created equal and conducting the wrong type of test can yield nothing. You must ensure of the fact that penetration test services offered are exactly the ones that are required for the specific environment of your business. The most important things to bear in mind are:

* What are the aspects you wish to test? The pen testing procedure could be performed like an attacker was attacking your system from outside, or it can be conducted with “inside” expertise that resembles the situation if your defenses were breached, or an insider was attacking the system.

* What is the amount you are willing to put at risk disrupting your business’s operations? Pen tests can result with an “exploit” that is harmless kind, for example, the display of a text. However it is possible to encounter unexpected issues, or even an interruption to the company’s network and computers. Pen Testing  At the very minimum it could cause delays to the system. The best option is to state that penetration testing service should look for weaknesses and scan them rather than actively exploiting these weaknesses to prove weaknesses.

Do you trust your penetration tester? You must ensure that any person you grant access to the system you have is reliable. This can be done by ensuring the absence of a criminal record, no past history of hacking that was illegal and possessing the highest standards of honesty in their work.