Wondering if “friendships with benefits” have hidden costs? We share a viewpoint from Married Affairs

Over the past year, Greg has had a ‘casual sexual friendship’ otherwise nicknamed ‘Friends with Benefits’. Greg found his marriage was getting boring as his wife was forever attending to the children and by the evening had no energy to engage in sex.

Greg found by having an arranged match by using Susan’s services at Married Affairs, he had regular hot steamy sexual encounters with a lovely lady. This lady also was in a marriage where her partner was working till late at night and had no time for her. By the weekend he was too exhausted to engage in any sex.

Divorce rates are constantly increasing, with the pressures of life on marriages. To be matched with the right partner with No Strings Attached, is a great escape from these situations.

Committed relationships involve interdependence, financial exchange, domestic labour, shared rent or mortgage and the list goes on. Investing in a No Strings Attached casual sexual relationship involves no economic contract.

For these casual sexual encounters to work, it is important to be very clear from the start of the expectations. Each partner once sexually fulfilled, will be returning back to their normal lives and marriages. For the sexually active, this can be seen as a great investment to help save a marriage from divorce.

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