Gazeteler are now a regular part of our everyday lives. For the majority people, morning with a cup of tea and a newspaper is the ideal way to start your day. For decades, newspapers have been a vital source for public speaking. Although, at present, the internet media is dominating newspapers, the number of readers for newspapers has never dipped. Newspapers offer a variety of advantages over other media sources. As one of the oldest media used by companies large and small, it offers information that could be profitable. Reading newspapers helps to find out latest news, information and the latest happenings all over the world. In India newspapers have been the most important source for information gathering. In India just there are more than 70000 different kinds of newspapers that are published. In addition, India has the biggest newspaper market in the world, with more than 100 million copies sold every day. Since the beginning of The first publication, “The Bengal Gazzete” The trend towards newspaper reading has gradually increased.
There are many advantages to using newspapers in comparison to other sources of media. Reading news every day can help you gain knowledge of the latest news in your home country and also in other countries. Newspapers include all kinds of sections within them, including sports, business and local news, too. There are also advertisements for any special offers or local restaurants that are on the page for advertisements. Since it is accessible to every person, the newspaper is utilized as an information dissemination. Therefore, if you’re creating a new company and wish to get people interested, and get their attention, a newspaper ad might be the ideal choice. With all the information inside, it is reasonable prices. This is the main reason newspaper readers in India is not going to decrease. Since it’s accessible, everyone from every social class can get the same information.

People have different opinions of the newspaper. Many people take a look at the newspaper because they enjoy it and discover interesting articles or other things. There are people who aren’t literate enough to be able to read. Consequently, television becomes the most popular media over. Watching a live event is more practical than reading, which is one reason why newspapers are becoming less important. Another factor is the instant information from current news that the media of television and the internet provide over newspapers. In the end , I’m more inclined to take advantage of newspapers, because every time I read it, there’s something that I am always able to get.

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