While many women these days are looking to have their breasts enhanced with implants, there are also plenty of women who are looking to enhance their figure with a breast reduction operation. Overly large bust can cause back pain and other physical limitations, and they can actually result in low levels of self-confidence just as much as a flat chest can.

There is a plastic surgery procedure called reduction mammaplasty that is designed to help large chested women find the relief they seek. If you are among the many women opting for this treatment today, you may have several questions about the procedure. Here are the answers to some of the most common breast reduction questions:

* Who is a Good Candidate for This Procedure?

Women whose busts are fully developed (typically women who are at least 18 years old or older) and who have pain or discomfort associated with their large mammaries are great candidates for this treatment.

* Why Should I Have This Surgery?

Large breasts can cause a number of social and physical problems including back and neck pain, shoulder strain, limited ability to participate in sports and other activities, and unwanted negative social comments and teasing. All these can be alleviated with the surgery as well as things like poor posture, skin irritation from bra straps and under-breast chafing, and trouble finding clothes that fit you properly.

* How Is This Procedure Performed?

There are several common techniques. One method involves incisions made under the chest and up around the areola. Extra skin and extra tissue is then manually removed, and the areola is repositioned for a natural look. A newer method is called the tumescent technique, which basically allows the cosmetic surgeon to break down and remove excess fat by means of liposuction.

* How Long Does Breast Reduction Surgery Last?

Depending on the techniques it can take anywhere between one and three hours per side.

* Are The Results Permanent?

Breast reduction surgery permanently removes some of the tissue and therefore some of the fat cells. However, your chest may still get larger if you gain a significant amount of weight, but are not likely to reach the proportional size that they were before the procedure. Hormone treatments, as well as pregnancy and breast feeding can also lead to larger busts after your surgery, but those conditions are not permanent.

* What Will The Recovery Period Be Like?

Immediately after the surgery fat graft Sydney, there will be some swelling, bruising, and pain in and around the breasts. Patients are instructed to wear a surgical bra for several days post-surgery to help with the healing process. While most women can return to work and other normal activities after a week or two, they may still continue to experience swelling and tenderness for several months. The full results of the treatment are typically visible six to twelve months after the operation.