Are you happy or are you one of the millions of people walking the earth that are miserable? If you are happy, that is great. If you are miserable, you really should start looking to make some changes in you life ASAP. Here is a funny fact and yet also a very sad fact. Many of the people that you and I deal with ever day are miserable and some do not know they are miserable. Like several people the first time that, I looked at this matter I said that is crazy. How could you be miserable and not know it. Then I started to really look at people and also looked at myself. Hey for all I knew I may have been one of those people that was miserable and did not know it. Well to cut a very long story short I found that I am not a member of the Misery for Life Club.

However, in my search to found out that is somewhat easy to become a member. I found that it is easy and hard to become a member. That is not a trick answer. Here is what I mean by my last comment being miserable is like smoking. In order to become a smoker there is a process. Yes, there are millions of people that smoke and they all went though the process. They all seem to like it and need it. However starting for most was not easy. In the beginning they choked, and got sick. They all had some bad and uncomfortable moments, things that come with learning to smoke. However because they wanted to belong, friends smoked, parents smoked, and those that they believed in or saw a role modeled did it. Those that believe people that smoke are cool did it so the future smokers weathered the storm. Then over time as their minds and bodies adjusted to the smoking, they did not really start to like it they started to need it. Like a drug, addict they started to want it more and more. They changed their friends to smokers friend they started doing things like standing out in the cold just to smoke a cigarette. Well miserable people are the same way. They follow the same patterns. There is a comedian that has a saying the saying is here’s your sign. Here is my version of are you miserable here’s a sign.

If you hang around negative people, here’s a sign.
If you are always looking for the negative, here’s a sign.
If no one can do it as good as you, here’s a sign.
If you think because of your position people should respect you, here’s a sign.
If you have nothing good or positive to say, here’s a sign.
If you think you are better then anyone, here’s a sign.
If you think in your heart that the world rotates around you, here’s a sign.
If you are telling people one thing but doing another, here’s a sign.
If you think your higher education make you better then anyone, here’s a sign.
If you never have a real smile, here’s a sign.
If you think that you are not part of the problem, here’s a sign.
If you believe the world owes you anything, here’s a sign.

People life is a gift. Live your life be happy and enjoy Podsysteme.