To give a gift is far more than a purchase of a product. It can be, don’t get me wrong I have had plenty of gifts given to me from the dollar store or target, but the gifts that stay with you forever are those with the meaning behind them. A painting, a piece of jewelry, and an article of clothing, something that every time you look at it you get the same feeling of joy that you felt when it was first gifted to you. For me, that gift was a ring, my grandmothers’ couple bracelet,which bought from


When I was two my father’s mother passed away from breast cancer and I was never given the privilege to know her and her spirit. However, I have always felt it with me somehow. I feel it when I see a butterfly or when an early sunrise is shades of pink behind the clouds, I feel her. I have met so many people throughout my life that have said I am exactly like her in looks and spunk. Her beauty in how she viewed the world and how she cared for people is something that lives on even 21 years after she has passed. I have always expressed that I feel robbed of not having the opportunity to have her in my life. My father noticed that in me gifted me something that has more value on it than anything in any jewelry store. Her gold wedding ring.


Once I turned sixteen, I decided to get baptized at my local community church, something that I had always been dreaming of doing, but was waiting until I felt ready. On the day of my baptism, I woke up earlier than usual to read over some scripture and pray about my decision. I prayed to God, but I also prayed to my grandmother. I wanted her to be with me as I made this decision and for her to send me a sign that I am doing the right thing. A moment or so later my dad comes into my room with a small box with a bow on it. Nervously I open it and try not to cry like the big softy that I am. Her ring was hooked onto a thin necklace chain because even my father knows that if my head was not attached to my body, I would lose it. My dad is far from being an emotional man, but I could see in his eyes how much this gift meant to him as it did to me. At that moment I truly could feel my grandmother as if she was standing right next to us.


Fast forward to my graduation night two years later. Still wearing the ring around my neck, of course, I decided to go to her grave to sit and pray with her before I had to be at graduate school. I sat for a while and talked out loud about my options for after high school and how anxious I was feeling not knowing what to do or what was the right decision. I asked for her to send me a sign no matter how small of what was the right thing to do and to help guide me in the direction I am meant to go. My heart drops a second later when a butterfly lands on my foot. It sits for a moment, flutters its wings, and off it went but at that moment that ten-second moment I felt all peace. I felt as if I was sitting and chatting with an old friend. It wasn’t a sign such as a billboard writing out what I should do or a whisper in my ear, but it was a sign for me. That I need to feel that peace. How I felt when that butterfly landed on me is how at peace, I should feel with any decision I make for my future. Does it all sound crazy sure, but once you’re in that moment it is not so crazy as it sounds.


Now I am 23, living on my own with the partner of my dreams, thriving in my education, pursuing work in criminal justice doing psychology work with young adults struggling with substance abuse issues, and every day, every single day, wearing her necklace. I know she walks with me throughout my life, but when I have her ring around my neck I feel that sense of peace and safety. I feel as if my old friend is walking next to me as I journey into the next chapter of my life. No matter where my life and the Lord may take me, I always know that my grandmother is not only with me, but she is me.