Don’t get me wrong, Wyoming is a great place. But based on a popular German funny movie “Schuh des Manitu” – they have the worst real estate agents. The sell a fake house – just the facade. There is no value in this house.

To an affect, that one of the top real estate agents in Munich has written an article to distance itself from this type of business. 

We are an professional real estate agency in munich! And we have enough of inexperienced realtors, who claim they are the best.

Says realtor Heiko Kaufmann, owner of Spotlight Real Estate. They provide a wide range of serrvices for owners and prospect buyers, including:

on properties (house, apartment, bungalow, villa) in Munich, Aschheim, Unterföhring, Ismaning, Garching, Eching and Kirchheim – and beyond! Even Starnberg. Nearly whole upper bavaria is in their portfolio. They specifically offer their services for prime real estate – meaning high-value luxurious properties.

With house prices rising year after year – even simple houses start to become only affordable by the rich. This is actually quite a problem. But it is the fact. Currently, housing prices are i most areas already beyond 10.000 € per square meter.

However, some house owners have enough of Wyoming-style house sale. They don’Tttrust real estate agents anymore. Or they belive they can do it fully themselves. Thus they rather do a private sale – thanks mainly to a great portal with guide on how to sell houses.

And our friend from Wyoming? Well – thanks to good real estate agents you can really forget about them.

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BTW – here is the direct link on the blog posting, regarding Wyoming – including a cool movie excerpt from “Schuh des Manitou”.

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