How can I track my package from JRS?

 How to track your JRS Express

  1. Click here to track your Jrs Tracking  PACKAGE.
  2. Choose between national or international
  3. Enter the tracking number. (Click to find the tracking number.)
  4. Click on FOLLOW.
  5. Contains details on the location of the package.


Does JRS have a reference number for this?

All you need is the JRS Express parcel tracking number. Enter your JRS Express parcel tracking number in the electronic tracking system below and click the track button to track and trace your delivery status information immediately.

How do you find a tracking number?

Find the tracking number on the delivery confirmation. Scan the email text until you see a long line of numbers. Most tracking numbers are between 10 and 30 digits in length, and each is uniquely generated for a specific order. Use the tracking number to stay informed about the shipment status.