Choosing Your Pittsburgh Baby Photographer

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When you are searching “baby photographer near me,” what kind of photographer are you really looking for? Are you looking for a newborn photographer or is your baby already sitting up and you want to capture this awesome milestone? Baby photographer is such a broad term and there are several types or styles of photographers that this term includes. As your experienced Pittsburgh baby photographer, I am here to help you navigate it and figure out what to look for when you are ready to hire a professional. Knowing which service you’re interested in will save you time as you begin looking for and contacting specialty photographers.


There are several different kinds of photography sessions you can have just with infants. These are a few we are going to learn more about:

  • Hospital & Fresh 48

  • Posed Newborn

  • Lifestyle Newborn

  • Infant Milestones

  • Cake Smash


Hospital & Fresh 48

Some parents want to capture their baby’s very first moments of life. This can be done with birth photography either at home or at the hospital. Some parents want to avoid photographing the birth but still want very, very early photos in the first 48 hours. A birth photographer typically is on call around the time of your due date, to come and begin taking photographs from the time that your labor starts through the baby’s actual birth. This is a documentary-style shoot, and can be long, depending on the length of your labor and delivery.

Fresh 48 sessions, which take place in baby’s first 48 hours, are unposed, lifestyle sessions. A newborn photographer can do these in the hospital some time after birth or in your home.

Posed Newborn

Posed newborn photography is done between days 3 and 14 of baby’s life. This is the time period that baby is sleeping more and is more flexible for safely posing. Depending on the photographer’s accommodations, these sessions may take place in a studio or in your home. With posed photography, the photographer uses wraps and props to bundle and position your baby in those beautiful, sleepy poses.

Lifestyle Newborn

A lifestyle newborn photographer will take these less formal photographs of your family enjoying your new baby, usually in your home. These sessions are intended to capture your family’s sweet interactions with your new bundle, rather than focusing just on the baby herself. Lifestyle sessions include the baby’s immediate family, but grandparents and even pets can attend and be involved in the photos.


Infant Milestones

Infant milestone sessions take place during baby’s first year to document her growth and changes. The goal is to capture those important milestones, like sitting up for the first time. They are commonly done at 3 months, 6 months, and 9 months. From 3 to 6 months they’re often referred to as tummy time sessions, and from 6 months to 1 year, you’ll hear them called sitter sessions.

Cake Smash

Baby’s first birthday marks the end of the realm of baby photography. To celebrate this big occasion, many parents want to have a cake smash session. Often times, this is the baby’s first time ever seeing a colorful, sweet tasting dessert set before her. As she digs in for the very first time, her experience is caught on camera.


Which ones are for your family?

The first thing to consider when trying to decide which kinds of pictures you want taken professionally is whether you want posed photos or lifestyle. They both have their merits and yield equally great photographs, but you may have a preference or inclination towards one over the other. There are photographers who will take both posed and lifestyle photos, but there are also photographers who specialize in just one and only offer them. Starting with this decision will help you narrow down your list of photographers to look into.

Next, you can decide when you want your baby’s first photographs to be taken and if you want any milestones during infancy photographed. This will help you further narrow down your base of photographers to research, and then you can also prepare any questions you may need to ask and schedule your sessions for baby’s first year in advance.


Your Pittsburgh Portrait Photographer

As a Pittsburgh portrait photographer, I know making these decisions will help you very much in choosing your baby’s first photographer. All of the wonderful photographers to research and call can seem overwhelming, and narrowing that list down as much as possible will help alleviate a lot of that overwhelm for you.

If you’re in the Pittsburgh area and needing posed newborn photos or lifestyle sessions in your home, please contact me. I can share more information with you about scheduling and preparing for these session types, and then together, we can capture wonderful memories of your new baby.