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Reposado tequilas are, any connoisseur will tell you, really tricky to get right — to achieve that perfect balance between the punch of a blanco and the deep mellow flavors of an añejo, a reposado has to be aged perfectly. Winning reposado tequilas are masterful multi-taskers. They’ll go down like a dream if you’re doing shots, make for stunning margaritas, and serve as the basis for the most artful of cocktails.

Word on the street is, of course, that you can’t go wrong with Don Julio 1942 — and that’s true. Don Julio’s reposado has it all. After being hit by an angry blanco, the richer and mellower flavors of a repo will have a little feast on your tongue. We’d be lying if we said you wouldn’t miss out of you never ventured further, though! These 12 reposado tequilas are nothing like Don Julio. They are, mind you, every bit as good.

Clase Azul Tequila Reposado

We can’t not mention the stunning hand-crafted and hand-painted decanter first, because that thing is simply screaming for attention. Clase Azul’s Tequila Reposado is so much more than a pretty bottle, though. This finest of reposado tequilas is produced in Mexico’s Jesus Maria region (Jalisco) with 100% Tequilana Weber Blue Agave, and the cognac, bourbon, and sherry casks it spends eight months with during the aging process gives it a perfect blend of smooth flavors that are way too easy to drink.

Patron Tequila Reposado

Patron might be a relatively young distillery, but it thrives on the traditional production methods that have made tequila so wonderful through the ages. Patron’s Tequila Reposado is a serious, no-nonsense tequila that will call out to you in times when you simply want to enjoy a taste of perfection — putting Patron’s reposado into a cocktail could never make it any better than it already is on its own. Made with 100% Blue Agave and aged for three to five months, this reposado’s light amber color hides a fresh aroma accompanied by rich oak and a flowery vanilla climax.

JAJA Reposado Tequila

This well-balanced reposado tequila has nothing on any of the more well-known brands. Triple-distilled in small batches (with the help of volcanic water!), JAJA Reposado Tequila is aged to perfection for six months in fine oak casks that used to enjoy the company of bourbon and whiskey. The end result? A mildly sweet, caramel, and oak aroma that will leave you feeling as well-rested as the reposado itself.

Casamigos Reposado Tequila

Straight from the Highlands of Jalisco, Mexico, and lovingly distilled from the very best agave azul, Casamigos Reposado is aged for seven months in American oak barrels previously used to mature premium whiskey. Casamigos’ reposado has a clean taste with welcome caramel notes. It’s best enjoyed ice-cold, on the rocks — but a cocktail won’t fail to do this tequila justice, either. This reposado is a great entry-level tequila for folks who don’t enjoy the harshness of a blanco much and prefer an añejo.

Casa Pecados Reposasdo Tequila

Casa Pedacos Reposado Tequila’s short aging process of only eight weeks (in the finest American oak barrels) makes it straddle the edge — and perfect for people who aren’t sure whether to bring a blanco or a reposado to their party. This artisanal tequila has an unabashedly intense agave flavor as well as refreshing hints of green grass and yellow straw.

Cincoro Reposado Tequila

Are you brave enough to take on a complex flavor? Made with premium agave sourced from both Jalisco’s highlands and lowlands, Cincoro’s Reposado is artfully cooked in a clay oven, using carefully-guarded traditional trade secrets. It’s then distilled in small batches, with spring water, and aged for eight to 10 months to bring you a spicy, yet smooth, tequila that will get you through the night just fine.

Padre Azul Super Premium Tequila Reposado

Aged for at least eight months, in oak ex-bourbon barrels, Padre Azul Super Premium Tequila Reposado wanders dangerously close to añejo territory. This reposado comes in a stunningly edgy bottle that would make it a perfect gift, but nobody’s going to stop you from enjoying its mellow but rich flavors on your own, either — ideally neat.

Hijos de Villa Rifle Reposado

A word of warning — if you want to get your hands on this very special reposado, you have to hurry up. Hijos de Villa Rifle Reposado is the result of Licores Veracruz’ efforts to honor their anniversary, and this tequila was exquisitely aged for six months in fine oak barrels. The rifle decanter has quickly become a collector’s item, and you won’t find it in many places. Now’s your chance!

Fortaleza Winter Blend Tequila Reposado

Originating from Tequila Valley, Fortaleza’s Winter Blend Tequila Reposado is made with 100% agave, double-distilled, and aged in ex-American whiskey barrels for six months. Its ride isn’t over at that point, because this reposado tequila matures in new French oak barrels for another 10 months. By the time it makes its way over to your glass, this premium tequila will grace your taste buds with fresh citrus and creamy butter flavors, and kick them with warming spice. It’s not called winter blend for nothing.

Dos Artes Tequila Reposado

This fine rare tequila reposado comes courtesy of 100% homegrown blue agave, double-distilled and aged for just over three months. Its pure taste, followed up by hints of vanilla, will please blanco lovers — and the fact that Dos Artes Tequila Reposado is only made in very limited quantities makes it that much more desirable. Did we mention the bottle? Hand-crafted ceramic, and 100% unique each time?

Casino Azul Tequila Reposado

These fine reposado tequilas are made by artisanal distilleries, giving them a beautiful beige straw color that conceals balanced floral and earthy, flavors. They’re then homed in a variety of stunning, and sometimes somewhat crazy, designer bottles that make these reposados fantastic gifts. Casino Azul Tequila Reposado — Round Bottle (also called the “gold ring) is an unmissable example.

Don Julio 70 Tequila Reposado

OK, you came here looking for reposado tequilas that are just as good as Don Julio, but we can’t in good conscience leave this one off the list. Aged for 18 months in American oak barrels, Don Julio 70 will never fail to delight you with its rich, smooth flavors — whether you’re drinking it neat or making a festive margarita.

If you’re after one of the finest reposado tequilas, no matter the occasion, you’re ridiculously spoiled for choice, but you can’t go wrong with these 12. We’ll drink to that!